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Tinned Copper Wires

Tinned Copper Wires
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Highly famous company offers excellent Tinned Copper Wires at customer-friendly prices. These Tin Coated Copper Wires are Complex Shape Wire and Cable. Tin Coated Copper Wire is used as overhead power source for subways, light and heavy transit systems, electrically powered mine trains, buses and industrial cranes. In Coated Copper Wire likely to touches conduit and other similar things etc. These Stainless Steel Wires are reliable, durable and available at very cost-effective prices to ensure satisfaction of customers.

These Tin Coated Copper Wires are made through three processes. First, the wire is drawn in a specific size with Electrolyte (C. C. Rod) Copper and after doing the drawing process of the same then it goes to second process in which Annealing is done and then third process comes in which Tin Platting is being treated in this drawn Electrolyte Annealed Copper Wire which is done in 2 ways normally:-

a) Hot Dip Process: - In this process the Tin is being melted in Electric Pot and the Electrolytic Copper Wire is made dip through this melted Tin which results in Tin Coated Copper Wire.

b) Electroplating Process: In this process the wire is gone through a Chemical Tray and with the help of rectifier and Electric Current to DC Current is passed which results in electroplating, this process is used for House Wiring, Control Panel Cable & other Electric & Electronical Wire as well as cable too.

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