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Winding Wire of Copper

Winding Wire of Copper
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We are well-established manufacturer and exporter of industrial Winding Wire, which are used by the manufacturers of transformers, HT Motors, Alternators, Electromagnets, Welding Machine, etc. Our electrical Winding Wires are made using better-quality raw materials for ensuring durability of wires. Our Motor Winding Wire is made to cater specific needs of customers meeting international quality standards. We never compromise on quality of Magnet Winding Wires hence all manufactured Transformer Winding Wires are dent for quality testing before exporting to customers in and around India at very affordable prices to gratify the customers.

  • The Copper Winding Wire of Coppers are available as single and double cotton covered round / rectangular conductor as per IS 7391.

  • Double / triple and multiple paper covered round / rectangular conductor as per IS 7404.

  • These Winding Wires have varnish bonded double glass fibre (yarn) covered braided. As per IS 6181 & IS 4685

  • Nomex covered Round / Rectangular conductor

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