Bangalore based manufacturer and exporter of PVC Insulated Wires & Cables, Tinned Copper Wires, Flat Ribbon Cables, Communication Cables, Electrical PVC Insulated Wires, Electrical Tinned Copper Wires and Industrial Winding Wire

Allied Wire Industry

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PVC Insulated Wires & Cables

PVC Insulated Wires & Cables:

We manufacture and export Wires & Cables, which are insulated with a Flame Retardant (FR) PVC compound, specially formulated and made in house. ...more


Tinned Copper Wires

Tinned Copper Wires:

Highly famous company offers excellent Tinned Copper Wires at customer-friendly prices. These Tin Coated Copper Wires are Complex Shape Wire and ...more


Flat Ribbon Cables

Flat Ribbon Cables:

Our company is engaged in manufacturing and exporting the finest Fine Pitch Ribbon Cable, which are used for building your own Custom Cables. Our ...more


Winding Wire of Copper

Winding Wire of Copper:

We are well-established manufacturer and exporter of industrial Winding Wire, which are used by the manufacturers of transformers, HT Motors, ...more


Communication Cables

Communication Cables:

We offer a wide range of Communication Coaxial Cables, which are made using the refined raw materials for ensuring better functionality and ...more


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